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Lighting terminology can vary depending on the context, whether we are talking about lighting in photography, interior design, film, or just lighting in general. Here are some common terms used in the lighting field.

It is the uniform luminous intensity distributed in a solid angle of a steradian and its total luminous flux emitted in this direction is called lumen. A simpler way to define lumen would be to say that it is the total amount of light visible in a direction or angle projected onto a surface.

This calculation indicates the amount of lumens emitted per watt of electricity.

Unit of measurement of power.

It is the comparison between watts / lumens of a light bulb applied to LED technology.

Voltage is the force that drives the electrons. The frequency is the number of times the signal is repeated in a certain time. Both are components of the alternating current.

The CRI or Chromatic Reproduction Index is a measure of the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce the colors of various objects compared to a natural or ideal light source.

The Power Factor is the percentage of energy that is taken advantage of by an electronic system such as LED luminaires, televisions, computers or any electronic device. This data is very important to know the energy use of the equipment and determine its quality.

It is an important parameter, especially in direct lighting lamps. The opening angle of light tells us if the lamp will illuminate a larger or smaller area.

It is a luminaire that we can install on a false ceiling.

It is a luminaire that can be installed sticking under the ceiling, ideal for places where there is no false ceiling. 

The IP characteristics indicate the extent to which an object lamp, dust and moisture is protected. The IP characteristics consist of two digits: First digit: protection against the entry of dust and objects, Second digit: protection against water.


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